A Summer Law Student’s Experience

July 4th, 2012 by

Blog Post by Lianne Sharvit

In writing a blog entry about my experience so far at DSF as a summer law student, I felt it would be best to demonstrate my overall experience by describing my thoughts the week before I started my position, in order to contrast them with how I feel now.

The Week Before Starting:

As law students, we are prone to seeking perfection, and will often harp on the smallest, even most insignificant details in this pursuit. Those traits definitely came out in myself the week before I began my summer law student position at DSF. The arguably trivial questions running through my mind were: Is this suit traditional enough? Will I be comfortable in these shoes, and are they “work-appropriate”? Is this purse professional looking or just plain boring and unstylish? The question I was really hoping to answer favourably all along was: Will I make the right impression?

After Starting:

As early as my first day at DSF, my concerns about making the right impression quickly slipped away.  The very informal, friendly, open-door and collegial environment at DSF enables students to feel welcomed and comfortable from the very start. Yet, we are also given a significant amount of responsibility from the outset. While certain tasks completely foreign to us may at first seem challenging, the help and encouragement we obtain from everyone at the firm makes the steep slope of our learning process that much easier to climb- and of course, having comfortable shoes doesn’t hurt either.


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