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Additional Resources

The Devry Smith and Frank LLP Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law

The Devry Smith and Frank LLP Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law is a short book covering the basic issues in Family Law, the steps couples have to take after separating and the questions asked by most family law clients.  The Guide describes the Court Process from start to finish and also describes Collaborative Practice, Mediation and Arbitration.  It also covers the basic family law issues, including Custody and Access, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, Non-Harassment and Restraining Orders.

The Devry Smith and Frank Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law is available at a discount from Amazon (CLICK HERE). It is included with all consultations with John. Book a consultation by calling 416-446-5847 or emailing us.

Additional Advice on Children and Divorce

When going through a separation and divorce, it is important to try to understand what your kids are going through.  This video by Everclear portrays the different emotions kids go through after their parents separate.  You can feel the different emotions as the song changes.

If you need a lawyer who understands the effect of divorce on kids, email me.

If you are a kid, whose parents are separating or divorcing, here is a really good website to visit.

Additional Advice for Life (Generally)

If the advice on the other pages of this site are not enough, then you should keep looking. There are a lot of professionals that can help families.  Lawyers help with the legal issues. But social workers, psychologists and counsellors can help with practical advice about how to live your life. Doctors can also help where there are medical problems. But, if you are looking at this site at 2:00 am on a Saturday night, it may be difficult to get that help right away.  The video above is some practical advice to live by. The original column was Mary Schmich’s June 1, 1997 column for the Chicago Tribune. It is no longer available from the Tribune, but the original column is on the New York Times website, here.

So, if you have taken a deep breath, spoken to your friends and family, and a family law lawyer, and you still need advice, here is some general life advice to get you through. You can also still  email me  with your legal question.

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