Can I be Criminalized or given a Custodial Sentence for …

February 22nd, 2019 by David Schell

The answer to the above question is really dependent on how someone obtains their cannabis and what one then does with their legal cannabis. Bill C-45 has now become law and in a previous post we spoke about the use of recreational cannabis and its legalization on October 17, 2018, by the federal government. In response, the […]


What The Death of Riya Rajkumar Means For Family Law Cu …

February 15th, 2019 by John Schuman

Millions of people were startled late last night to when the emergency tones went off for the Amber Alert for Riya Rajkumar, only to learn, minutes later, that she had been found, but not safe.  Riya did not return from an “access visit” with her father for her birthday.  Her mother contacted police because she […]


Is There Such A Thing As “Spousal Abandonment” in C …

February 14th, 2019 by John Schuman and Katelyn Bell

What happens if your spouse just ups and leaves?  Can you press charges? Is there an automatic right to divorce?   A reader recently posed these questions. Simply put, the answer is no.   In Canada, we have what can be effectively termed “no fault” divorce. This means that a Court does not have to […]


When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?

February 8th, 2019 by Mason Morningstar

Many payor parents in Ontario mistakenly assume that child support automatically ends when their child turns 18. The law, however, says otherwise. The basic premise of child support is to ensure that children benefit from the support of their parents when they are unable to become self-sufficient. Viewed in this light, the question of age […]


I Have Children From a Previous Relationship. I’ve Si …

January 31st, 2019 by John Schuman

In recent years, it has become more common place to see “complex” families where one (or more parents) have children with several other parents, or is a step-parent to children in other families.  Therefore, how child support is calculated when one parent has children with several other parents is an increasingly common question. The solution […]


I’m preparing to Close on My Residential Mortgage. Wh …

January 18th, 2019 by Robert Adourian

Buying a home is possibly one of the most significant and costly purchases in one’s lifetime. Finding that picture – perfect home and probably feeling, to some extent, a little overwhelmed is common. However, getting to the stage of closing and what to expect is often a thought that goes overlooked. A question to ask […]


Spousal Support and Early Retirement – Is it a M …

January 8th, 2019 by Andreina Minicozzi

Spousal support, sometimes referred to as maintenance or alimony, are funds that are paid to one spouse to another upon separation or a divorce. There are various reasons as to why one spouse may be required to pay support to the other, usually to assist financially for a specified amount of time or to compensate […]


Can I Claim Compensation from a Distracted Driver and H …

December 27th, 2018 by Marc Spivak

In a recent blog post, we discussed the legalities surrounding the operation of motor vehicles while impaired by alcohol or drugs, under the Criminal Code of Canada.  Accompanying the fairly new Cannabis legislation, are further stringencies concerning Ontario drivers, which are expected to come into effect on January 1st, 2019. Any driver convicted of distracted […]


I’m Getting a Divorce, What Are My Rights to the Fami …

December 20th, 2018 by Farzana Jiwani

When divorce is contemplated by either one or both spouses, often it is time to start thinking about the division of assets. This could include the matrimonial home, financial accounts, earnings accumulated during the marriage and as one might expect, retirement accounts also. That said and unsurprisingly so, countless married couples who in addition, become […]

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