But It’s Not My Kid

September 14th, 2011 by

The following is a hypothetical example taken from the next edition of the DSF Guide to the Basics of Ontario Family Law, due out in January 2012:

Before meeting Molly, Desmond had a “one night stand” with Michelle and fathered a daughter. Desmond pays table child support to Michelle. At the time of the one night stand, Michelle was in a relationship with Jude. She let Jude believe he was the father for several years. Jude was an active parent to the girl and became close to her. The relationship ended when Michelle told Jude he was not the father. Michelle obtained full table child support from Jude because of his close parenting relationship with the child. Michelle then lived with Dr. Robert for a couple of years. Dr. Robert also tried to be a good parent and was actively involved in the girl’s life, but never to the same extent as Jude. He did not hire a lawyer when asked to pay child support. The court ordered Dr. Robert to pay one quarter of the table amount of child support for Dr. Robert’s income.

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