Child Support in Ontario/Canada: Who Pays and How Much?

March 20th, 2013 by John Schuman

Podcast #10 – Child Support in Ontario/Canada: Who Pays and How Much?

In this episode of the Family Law Podcast discusses the basics of Child Support in Ontario and in Canada. It starts with who pays, and then moves on to explain how much child support should be paid by going over the calculation. There is more than one component to child support. There is both base child support and contributions to special and extraordinary expenses. This podcast explains what each component is. Finally, the podcast discusses some of the special circumstances in child support, such as when the children divide their time equally between parents, when some children live with one parent and other children live the second parent, and what happens when there are more than two parents.

Child support is an area where a lot of people get into trouble. This podcast is critical listening for anyone who is a parent to children, or who is about to become a parent either by birth or by moving with a new partner who has children.

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