Children’s Right’s in Ontario Schools

November 18th, 2014 by John Schuman

Podcast #22 – Children’s Right’s in Ontario Schools.

This is a special children’s rights edition of the Ontario Family Law Podcast. Rather than focusing on family law issues, this edition looks at the rights that children have, especially in Ontario’s schools – both public and private. It explains the school’s duty to accommodate a child’s disabilities, and explains the limits on those accommodations. It also goes over various court and tribunal decisions that explain how those Humans Rights Law would put into practice in education matters.

Parents of children with special needs often struggle to get those students the help they need in school. However, knowing the child’s rights in the education system can be of great assistance to parents. Schools are often more willing to provide assistance to a child when the child or the parents know what duties the school has to that child. This podcast will be of great help to children with special needs and their parents, in getting assistance at school.

[Podcast #22] Children’s Right’s in Ontario Schools

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