Shareholder Disputes Campaign

Our dispute lawyers know that shareholder disputes and partnership disputes can be some of the most difficult and emotional litigation, since it involves the breakdown of an (often) close relationship between friends or family. It also can impact heavily on one’s income and wealth. In many cases, the dispute will involve oppression of the minority shareholders or struggles for control over a business by its officers and directors. In some cases, it means the end of a prosperous business which has taken on a personality of its own.

The shareholder and partnership dispute lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist with navigating this difficult process. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the Partnerships Act, the Business Corporation Act, and their oppression and winding up statutory schemes which govern this process in Ontario. As commercial litigators, we also understand the court processes, should it become necessary. We have the individual skills to be hard-nosed and aggressive or calm and persuasive.

The litigation lawyers are also able to draw upon expertise in the corporate, tax, business valuation, and financing practice groups at the firm to provide a complete level of service.

Contact one of the dispute lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP to assist should you find yourself in the middle of a shareholder dispute with other shareholders or a partnership dispute.

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