Corporate Health and Wellness

August 30th, 2011 by

For more than 10 years, research has been showing the effectiveness of ‘Corporate Health and Wellness’ programs.

These programs are implemented to increase productivity through lower absenteeism, and increase individual employee effectiveness while at the same time decreasing costs associated with healthcare benefits/insurance schemes.

Studies have proved that these programs are cost-effective and foster healthier lifestyles for employees. Harvard Business Review: What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?

Health and Wellness programs consist of providing institutional and cultural support for activities that help employees achieve health-positive goals.  An easily achieved zero-cost example can be the introduction of a lunch-hour walking club.

Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) has started its own Health and Wellness program by:

  • replacing high-fat, high calorie snacks like cookies, with fresh fruit, granola bars and fat-free yogurt.
  • partnering with a nearby fitness centre to establish a lower monthly membership fee for firm employees.
  • providing office space for twice weekly ‘in-house’ workout sessions for interested employees
  • providing an annual on-site influenza vaccine clinic
  • offering financial assistance to firm employees for smoking cessation aids
  • providing first-aid/CPR coaching

Although, DSF has done much to promote employee health and well-being, the firm continues to look for new avenues to achieve the above-stated goal.  The new office space under construction will help by providing private showers/change area, a bicycle storage room and a larger multi-purpose room.

You can find more about information specifically about non-smoking programs at the following websites:

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