What DSF Can Do for Your Start-up Business

January 22nd, 2015 by Elisabeth Colson

When someone asks you what it takes to create a successful business, a few things might come to mind: ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a great marketing plan to make sure the public knows about the product or service you are offering.

While these may very well be necessary, many people don’t immediately think of the equally important behind-the-scenes details, which can include: how the business should be structured, what operational contracts are required and how they should be drafted, how to properly paper hiring employees, how the business will obtain the necessary financing and, if you will be leasing or buying the land on which the business premises are located, what kind of agreements should be in place.

These building blocks play a crucial role in getting your start-up business on its feet at the outset.  Forging ahead without a strong legal foundation can potentially hinder the growth of the business, and might give rise to legal troubles in the future.

DSF’s lawyers ensure that your business has the legal framework necessary for a successful start-up business.  We are particularly proud of our work with our client Bonne O, the developer of a tank-free, ‘pre-mix’ home carbonation system.  DSF helped Bonne O with two successful rounds of private equity financing, advised Bonne O with respect to its key vendor contracts and continues to ensure that Bonne O’s interests are protected.  Bonne O is now on its way to launching its product in May 2015. Check them out at: http://www.bonneo.com

Think your start-up business might be missing a few of the crucial building blocks? DSF’s experienced corporate law team will make sure that your business has what it takes to succeed. Visit us at http://www.devrylaw.ca/business-law-corporate-law-services-acquisitions/

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