Do I Have To Go To Court For A Divorce?

July 16th, 2015 by Todd Slonim

Do I Have To Go To Court For A Divorce?- Divorce Mediation

Do I Have To Go To Court For A Divorce?

Todd Slonim is a family lawyer and Toronto divorce lawyer practicing family law at the Toronto law firm of Devry Smith Frank LLP.

In this video, Todd Slonim talks with Joe Terceira about “Do I need to go to court for a divorce?” and divorce mediation to obtain a divorce settlement.

Todd explains that when getting a divorce, there are many things people should understand about the divorce process in Ontario. Items like divorce mediation, how typical divorce settlements work, divorce arbitration, and dealing with divorce to name a few. Understanding these points will go a long way in ensuring a smoother divorce that could be more amicable for all parties. Watch this episode of Real Estate 101 with Todd Slonim of Devry Smith Frank LLP where he explains some of these divorce terms in detail.

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