DSF Joins Alliot Group

April 3rd, 2013 by Meliha Waddell

Devry Smith Frank LLP is pleased to announce that we have joined Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms with more than 160 member firms in over 70 countries. Alliott Group has representation in most major cities in the United States, throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, and in selected locations in Africa.

Membership in Alliott Group is limited to independent professional services practices that satisfy the group’s stringent benchmarks and best practices. Membership is generally limited to smaller to mid-sized firms. This ensures that clients will enjoy a high standard of personal service whenever they are referred to another member of the Alliott Group alliance. We are proud to be the first Canadian law firm admitted to Alliott Group.

Over the past years, we have developed our ability to undertake increasingly sophisticated legal work, commensurate with our clients’ increasingly complex needs. Membership in Alliott Group will enable us to further expand the complexity and sophistication of the services we are able to provide to our clients.

Many of our clients are multinational businesses for which we act locally. As Alliott Group continues to expand, we will now be able to provide these clients with increasingly easy access to transnational and international professional advisors, and to continue to meet our clients’ growing needs. In addition, given the high proportion of Toronto’s multinational population, membership in Alliott Group will enable us to ensure that these clients have access to legal and other professional services, both within Ontario and in their jurisdictions of origin. Membership in the group will provide access to a global alliance of resources to assist our clients in developing business opportunities throughout Canada and internationally.

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