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Incorporating a Company

Employment Law

A Summary of Basic Employment Law Concepts

Wrongful Dismissal Suit or an ESA Claim?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Employment

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Reported Decisions

CCAS v. R.D.S.

C v. H

C v. H (Costs)

DCAS v. V.C.

Lawson v. Lawson

Martinez v. Basail

R. v. E.B.J.

Bott v. Bott

D.S. v. Children’s Aid Society of Toronto


Collaborative Family Law

Developmentally Appropriate Questions for Child Witnesses

Allegations of Sexual Abuse When Parents Have Separated

When World’s Collide – Rights of Minors to Direct Medical Treatment

Child Support: When Payments Overwhelm

Additional Advice

Why Lawyers Bill by the Hour (and Why Cost is Impossible to Predict)

How to Lose Your Case

Why You Need a Family Law Lawyer


Child Support Calculator:

Ontario Family Court Forms

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

Child Support Guidelines

General Litigation

Ontario Small Claims Court

Ontario Small Claims Court Forms

Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure

Changes to the Ontario Rules of Civil Proceure

Insurance Defence

A Guideline to Litigation for Insured Persons

Plaintiff Personal Injury

Frequently Asked Questions in Personal Injury Law

Testifying at Trial 101

Wills and Estates

Will Questionaire