DSF Talks CoA: Blog Entry #1 – The Intro

February 19th, 2016 by

In municipalities across the province, the Committee of Adjustment (CoA) makes decisions which can have an impact on homeowners, neighbours, families, and communities. Whether it is deciding on an application for a minor variance, or a consent to sever a property, the decisions made at the Committee of Adjustment can lead to changes in the physical makeup of your surroundings. As a family, neighbour, or property owner you may approve of, or disagree with such changes, however, in order to seek out those changes (or oppose them), a knowledge of the workings of the CoA is invaluable.

We here at the Devry Smith Frank LLP’s Planning and Development Practice Group understand how meaningful a successful or failed CoA application can be. We also understand if you find the application process (or how to best oppose an application) a bit frustrating and therefore in this blog series, “DSF Talks CoA” we hope to help out by providing some insight and information regarding applications before the CoA.

As always, if you ever get tired of reading about the CoA, you can always give our offices a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

A sneak peak at the first blog of the series….. it’s on…. minor variances! Stay tuned.

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