First Court Appearance

November 16th, 2012 by

As promised I will share with you my first court appearance.  As a summer student at the firm I observed a few court appearances with associates at the firm, however, I did not get a chance to appear before the court on my own.  So you can imagine that my first day of articles I was very excited that my time will eventually come and I would attend court all on my own.  Well that day came sooner than expected; at around noon first day of articles during a welcome lunch, one of the associates asked me to attend an assessment hearing for a small claims bank file.  I was excited, scared and surprised at the chance to attend court on the second official day of my articles.  I stayed up late reviewing small claims rules, reading our pleadings and materials and practicing my submissions.  The day at court was an amazing experience, the deputy judge was pleasant and very patient with everyone he heard before me.  I briefly summarized what I sought from the court and answered a few short follow up questions.  Before I knew it the deputy judge awarded what I sought, complimented me on attending Western Law and wished me the very best in my legal career.  I can tell you three months into articles and many more court appearances on matters ranging from contract law to insurance law, to real estate, to family and even a criminal matter I never had it as good as that first day in court. 


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