Should We Hear What Kids Want?

August 22nd, 2014 by John Schuman

Podcast #18 – Should We Hear What Kids Want?.

This special edition of the podcast is a rare, complete, discussion of hearing children in custody/access and divorce cases. It provides indispensable information and advice for anyone who thinks that a child should be heard in those proceedings.

How to Hear the Voice of the Child in Custody Access Cases

This podcast is a recording of a lecture that John Schuman gave to legal professionals on how to hear the voice of the child.  That lecture also featured slides, which provided additional information, including the citations for may of the authorities mentioned in this podcast.  Those slides will appear on screen on the version of the podcast that can be downloaded from iTunes. Those same slides are on the right  of this page for listeners who are not using the iTunes version.

Presentation Slides

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