Hiding Money In Family Law Cases

July 16th, 2015 by John Schuman

Hiding Money In Family Law Cases

Hiding Money In Family Law Cases

Hiding money in family law cases in rarely a good idea but that doesn’t stop people from trying to get away with it. Family lawyers and judges are always on the lookout for people in cases that are engaging in these kinds of behavior, and if your caught not only can it cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees, it may also land you in trouble with the law. People go to great lengths to hide money in divorces in order to avoid paying more support payments, and to keep more to themselves. But good family lawyers know how to find hidden money.

Watch this episode with real estate agent Joe Terceira, and Toronto family lawyer John Schuman where John will discuss the topic of hiding money in family law cases.

What to do if Someone is Hiding Money In Family Law Cases

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