How Do I Make A Child Support Adjustments If I’m Paying Too Much?

March 28th, 2013 by John Schuman

How Do I Make A Child Support Adjustments If I’m Paying Too Much?

I believe I’m paying too much child support and want to know how to make a child support adjustment. Based on the average of my last 3 years income, according to the online government charts, I am paying approximately $100 too much every month. Do I have any recourse? Thanks for your help.

If you have checked the tables, and you are a salaried employee, then you probably have your child support right. If you are self-employed, calculating your income is significantly more complicated and it may not be worth it to try to change support for $100 per month. Also, you may have an obligation to contribute to special and extraordinary expenses, and if you are not, that might eat up the $100 per month. For more on special expenses, watch this video: child support in Ontario or read this page: what about my son’s hockey fees and my daughter’s daycare expenses.


If you are overpaying support, and you are paying under an agreement, then you can renegotiate that part of the agreement, possibly using mediation or arbitration as a faster, less expensive way to resolve the issue. If you are paying pursuant to a court order, then there is a simplified process under Rule 15 of the Family Law Rules (English elaws) to change support. You file a Motion to Change Form and a Change Information Form, along with a new financial statement and 3 years of Notices of Assessment, with the court. You then serve those documents on your ex. The court will schedule a case conference or DRO. After that, you may go to a motion to have the judge decide what the appropriate level of support will be. To navigate this process, it is best to at least consult with a family lawyer. In addition, more information about child support, and more detailed instructions about how to change support, as well as more in-depth description of the court process, can be found in this $20 easy-to-understand book on Ontario Family Law: Devry Basics Ontario family edition.

For further information or assistance in regards to child support adjustments or family law, please contact Toronto employment lawyer John Schuman.

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