How Lawyers Help at Family Mediation

July 27th, 2015 by John Schuman

Podcast #31 – How Lawyers Help at Family Mediation.

Many separating couples are choosing to go to family mediation, rather than family court to resolve the legal issues between them. They do this because family mediation is usually, faster, much less expensive, less emotionally draining and results in much more tailored resolutions than family court. Some people incorrectly believe that they can avoid seeing a lawyer by choosing mediation. Ontario Law says that is not the case. In addition, there are many good reasons to get help from a lawyer before, during and after mediation. This is not just a pitch by lawyers to keep business. To show why getting help from a lawyer during mediation is beneficial, even essential, we invited Accredited Family Mediator, Todd Slonim, to the podcast to explain,

Mr. Slonim, who mediates both at the Toronto Family Court Mediation Service and privately, explains how parties who have assistance from of lawyers find that the mediation goes more smoothly, has better and more creative resolution, and results in a longer lasting agreement. When the parties get help from good family lawyers, they achieve get better results more quickly and at lower cost. Mr. Slonim explains why that is the case, as well as some of the problems that arise when parties do not have lawyers assist them with preparing for mediation and understanding the mediation process.

Mediation is an excellent process. But it can lead to poor results when the parties do not know what they are doing. Listen to this edition of the podcast to hear why seeing a family lawyer is essential for getting the best possible results from the family mediation process.

Podcast #31

This edition of the Ontario Family Law Podcast will explain why you need a lawyer for your family mediation in separation and divorce. It features Todd’s presentation at the Family Law Seminar in January 2015.





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