How Properties are Divided After A Marriage in Ontario

March 13th, 2013 by John Schuman

Podcast #9 – How Properties are Divided After A Marriage in Ontario.

When married couples separate in Ontario, they don’t just have to separate their lives. They have to separate their finances. One of the main reasons people see Ontario Divorce Lawyers is to help figure out how to divide up their assets and liabilities after they separate. This is episode of the Family Law Podcast discusses how property is divided in Ontario after a marriage. Many people think that spouses own each other’s assets. They do not. Family lawyers know that separated married spouses only get to share in some of the value of each other’s assets in the “property equalization” process, which can be voluntary process. In addition, not all assets and debts are shared. Some are kept out of the calculation. This podcast tells you what is in and what is out. It also describes some common pitfalls where people unnecessarily lose lots of money to a spouse, and it gives tips on how to protect your assets. Everyone who is going through a separation should listen to this podcast to know their property rights, how to protect them. Even if you are no in family court, you need to know whether you are making a good deal.

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