How Step Parents And Grandparents Can Have To Pay Child Support

May 8th, 2013 by John Schuman

Podcast #12 – How Step Parents And Grandparents Can Have To Pay Child Support.

Parents and even Grandparents can find themselves on the hook for child support in Canada. This is episode of the Ontario Family Law Podcast explains how that happens. The basic premise of child support is that it is paid by all parents to a child. But, a child can have more than two parents. When parents or step parents step into the role of parents, they may step into paying child support. This podcast explains how judges decide whether someone is now a parent to a child and should pay child support. John Schuman also discusses how much support a step parent may have to pay when the biological parent in the picture and when biological parent is gone.

How Step-Parents and Grandparents Can Be On the Hook for Child Support

If you are becoming close to someone else’s children, or even your own grandchildren, you should listen to this podcast to findout whether you are putting yourself on the hook for child support.

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