Toronto Immigration Lawyer Asher I. Frankel
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EDUCATION: University of Toronto, Yeshiva University, New York Law School
ASSOCIATIONS: Canadian Bar Association - Citizenship & Immigration Law Section, American Immigration Lawyers Association, The Florida Bar - International Law Section.

Asher I. Frankel

B.A., M.S., J.D.

Featured Area of Practice:  Immigration

Other Areas of Practice: Corporate Immigration


Asher Frankel is an experienced Toronto Immigration Law lawyer with Devry Smith Frank LLP. He joined the Immigration Law team at Devry Smith Frank LLP in early 2014, bringing over 25 years of experience in immigration law for both Canada and the U.S.

Asher practises in all areas related to Canadian and U.S. business immigration law, with emphasis on cross-border temporary movement of employees under NAFTA, as well as immigration provisions of universal application. He has substantial experience assisting with employee mobility of multinational companies with worldwide operations in numerous industrial sectors. He also represents individuals in various types of applications for permanent residence, and assists foreign nationals in the U.S. with consular processing of visa applications at U.S. posts in Canada.

Asher is a past executive member of the Canadian Bar Association Citizenship and Immigration Law Section; past chair of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Canada chapter; past member of AILA’s Customs Border Protection liaison committee; and past AILA Canada Chapter Liaison to the Department of State. He has published numerous articles on Canadian, U.S. and comparative immigration law in prestigious immigration law publications, such as Interpreter Releases and AILA’s Immigration Law Today. He wrote a chapter in and co-edited AILA’s Immigration Practices and Procedures Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he authored the chapter on Canadian immigration law for the Matthew Bender treatise, Immigration Law and Procedure.

Asher holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto, an M.Sc. from Yeshiva University in New York City and a Juris Doctor from New York Law School. He is admitted to practise in the province of Ontario and the state of Florida as one of the leading Toronto Immigration Lawyers in the area.

News and Media

Work Permits and Permanent Residence in Canada

Watch this episode with real estate agent Joe Terceira, and Toronto immigration lawyer Asher Frankel where Frankel will discuss the topics of work permits and permanent residence in Canada. - What is the difference between a permit and a permanent residence? - If someone comes to Canada on a work permit, can they stay permanently? - What score do you need on your permanent residence application? - What is the criteria that needs to be met in order to apply for permanent residency? - How is someone to know that the work that someone is doing is considered “skilled” in order to qualify? - Is there any other criteria in which someone would seek professional advice? Asher Frankel answers all these questions and more regarding work permits and permanent residence in Canada.


HR/Employment Seminar - October 13, 2016

Immigration Issues for Cross-Border Employees

HR/Employment Seminar - June 2, 2016

Employer Immigration Compliance

Family Law Seminar January 20, 2015 - Video Archive

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1. Introduction - John P. Schuman (00.00)
2. Equalization of "What?" - Property Division on Marriage Breakdown - F. Timothy Deeth (02.40)
3. Equalization of net family properties and Common Law Couples - Michelle Farb (16.07)
4. Weird and Archaic Solutions to Bad Financial Separations (Trust Claims) - John P. Schuman (17.10)
5. Immigration Consequences of Relationship Breakdowns - Asher I. Frankel (36.57)
6. Bad Ideas in Custody Cases "Outside the Box" Strategies that People Use - Rachel Healey (51.20)
7. Difficult Spousal Support Issues post "Guidelines" - Kerri Parslow (1.08.58)
8. Keeping Your Scary Spouse Away with a Restraining Order - Sarah Falzon (1.19.48)
9. Why going to Family Mediation Without Consulting a Lawyer is like Playing Dodgeball Blindfolded - Todd E. Slonim (1.26.08)
10. How to Keep Yourself from Getting Played - The Benefits of a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement - Julie Tyas (1.35.15)
11. Questions and Answer Session (1.45.11)

Presentation Handouts - Common Legal Mistakes in Separation / Divorce

Recorded January 20, 2015


Of interest to:

Therapists, social workers, mediators, non-family law lawyers, marriage counselors, accountants, financial planners, doctors or anyone who might have questions regarding any family law related issues. We will be presenting basic family law and common family law “misconceptions” for helping professionals to understand how things might work out for their clients.


  • Difficult spousal support issues post “Guidelines”;
  • Keeping your scary spouse away with a restraining order;
  • Why going to Family Mediation without consulting a lawyer is like playing dodge ball blindfolded;
  • Immigration consequences of relationship breakdown;
  • Bad ideas in custody cases – “outside the box” strategies that people use;
  • Equalization of “What?” – property division on marriage breakdown;
  • Equalization of net family properties and common law couples;
  • Weird and archaic solutions to bad financial separations (trust claims);
  • How to keep yourself from getting played – the benefits of a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement
DSF’s Family Law Seminar

2014 Foreign Worker and Employment Law Updates

At Devry Smith Frank LLP’s Human Resource Seminar, Toronto immigration lawyer Asher Frankel covers important topics in relation to dealing with foreign worker updates.

In April 2013, one of Canada’s largest banks brought in Indian foreign workers and one of the employees in the bank went public stating that he was asked to train foreign workers in order to replace him, which introduced the terms off-shoring and out-sourcing, resulting in job loss in Canada. Employers are to first hire Canadians before reaching out to the foreign worker community in order to protect the Canadian labour market.

The temporary foreign worker program has focused on the labour market opinion confirming that there was a thorough search made in the labour market to first hire a Canadian employee.

Frankel covers all of these important topics and more regarding foreign updates.

2014 Employment Law and Immigration Law Updates

At Devry Smith Frank LLP's Employment Seminar, Toronto immigration lawyer Asher Frankel covers updates in employment law and immigration law in 2014. "To say that 2013 was an eventful year from an immigration perspective is a bit of an understatement," Frankel says. As a result of the regulatory December 31 2013 amendments, immigration now has sweeping powers to compel disclosure by employers and can enforce serious consequences for non-compliant employers. They may conduct warrantless searches of employer's premises and interview even Canadian citizens that are employed there. As a result of these changes, immigration has the power to go back six years in records due to Employer Compliance Reviews. Frankel covers all of these important topics and more regarding employment law and immigration law updates.

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