Judiciary Relationships in Employment Context- Employment Law

July 15th, 2015 by Justin Winch

Judiciary Relationships in Employment Context- Employment Law

In this video, our employment law lawyer Justin Winch talks about Judiciary Relationships in Employment Context and other related employment law issues. The video is recorded during HR/Employment seminar organized by Devry Smith Fran LLP for all HR Professionals across the GTA.

Justin explains how fraud can give rise to a Judiciary relationship and what obligations Judiciary employees have to their employers when they depart.

There are a few main factors which tell us whether not employee has a judiciary relationship with their employer:

  • The employee’s ability to exercise discretionary power
  • The authority delegated to the employee to assess the employers economic and legal interests
  • The degree of trust placed in the employees by the employer and
  • What is the extent to which the employment relationship renders the employer vulnerable to the employee?

Watch the video to learn more about this matter.

This is a great overview for employers and Human Resources Professionals. Devry Smith Frank has produced a series of videos and seminars to assist HR professionals and HR departments with employment law matters. To view other Ontario employment law videos and other practice areas, please visit our media page.

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