Toronto Mediation Lawyer Robert P. Adourian
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ASSOCIATIONS: Armenian Bar Association, Christian Legal Fellowship, and serves on the Board of his local Church.

Robert P. Adourian


Featured Area of Practice:  Mediation

Other Areas of Practice: Wills & EstatesReal Estate


Robert Adourian is a Toronto family mediation lawyer offering mediation services at Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF). He is a graduate of the University of Windsor Law School, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1980 and has practiced law in Toronto since that time.

Robert has received a Certificate of Achievement in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor.

Robert strives to conduct mediations in a comfortable and informal manner, where the parties can feel comfortable narrowing down the issues between them and working toward a solution. Robert strives to give the parties the freedom to express themselves, and to establish the credibility required to guide the parties to a mutually agreeable resolution.

DSF promotes our mediation services as a “time-efficient and cost-effective method of dispute resolution which provides a forum for constructive and positive discussion between the parties to a dispute.” Robert promotes mediation as a cost-effective alternative to cost and uncertainly of the litigation process. He gets immense personal satisfaction from assisting parties in resolving difficult issues through the mediation process. Family mediation lawyer Robert served for many years on the Corporation of Yonge Street Mission.

Bob’s clients have many great things to say about him:

“Robert Adourian has been assisting my clients with their legal needs for the past 20 years. Robert’s knowledge & his outstanding service to our mutual clients has been invaluable to me. Most real estate transactions run smoothly but occasionally issues can arise. Robert’s skill in dealing with issues is second to none and his genuine compassion and caring is always appreciated by our clients. Robert is a lawyer that I highly recommend to my clients, family and friends!” — Heather Griffiths, Sales Representative, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd.


News and Media

Real Estate Power Of Attorney In Canada

A power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes someone to act on your behalf regarding your banking, real estate and more.... Regarding real estate power of attorney these are used normally for a couple of reasons. This first being that one of the parties is out of the country at the time of closing a real estate transaction so a power of attorney authorizing someone else to act on their behalf can help close the transaction. The second common reason a real estate power of attorney is used is when someone who owns a home for a long time and maybe is a little older wants to authorize a family member to act on their behalf because they don't really understand the real estate process. Watch this episode where Realtor Joe Terceira interviews real estate lawyer Robert Adourian where they will discuss power of attorney in Real Estate.

When A Power Of Attorney is Used in Real Estate Transactions

Watch this episode with real estate agent Joe Terceira, and Toronto real estate lawyer Robert Adourian where Robert discusses and defines power of attorney. A power of attorney is a legal document where someone says, “I authorize another person to act on my behalf to do my banking, or my business or my real estate transactions.” - In what context would a power of attorney be used in a real estate transaction? - Should a buyer be considered when a seller uses a power of attorney? - What information should the attorney be expected to provide? - At what point is a power of attorney no longer valid? - Do lenders have any issues when a power of attorney is used? Robert answers all these questions and more regarding a power of attorney in real estate transactions.

How Ontario Land Transfer Tax Works

In this video, Robert Adourian, a Toronto real estate lawyer provides some information on How Ontario Land Transfer Tax Works during an interview at the Real Estate 101 Show. Watch this episode with real estate lawyer Robert Adourian of Devry Smith Frank LLP as he explains everything you need to know about land transfer tax in Toronto, Ontario, when buying a home. When buying a home in Ontario, land transfer tax will need to be paid at the time of closing before title changes hands from the seller to buyer. There is a common land transfer tax in Ontario, but in the city of Toronto, there is also a Toronto land transfer tax to go along with the Ontario land transfer tax. The land transfer tax is calculated based on the sale price of the home, and again if it's in Toronto, the land transfer tax will be much higher as there are 2 land transfer taxes. Watch the video above for additional information about the Ontario Land Transfer Tax.

Home Owners Need Title Insurance To Protect Their Home

In this video, Robert Adourian, a Toronto Real Estate Lawyer provides some information on Title Insurance and why home owners need this to protect their investment during his interview at the Real Estate 101 Show: Title insurance is an insurance product that's designed to give homeowners peace of mind so they don't have to worry about anything going forward after they purchasing a home. Property title insurance was released into the public in late 1990s and by 2000 has become the standard for protection against title fraud. Home owners that bought homes prior to 2000 are particularly at risk, even if they do not have a mortgage. Title insurance fraud is identity theft where people do transactions that you do not approve based on the title of your property. So for example they could take a mortgage without you knowing about it.


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