Toronto Mediation Lawyer Todd E. Slonim
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EDUCATION: University of Calgary, Dalhousie Law School and Cardiff Law School in Wales
ASSOCIATIONS: Ontario Bar Assn., Law Society of Ontario, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Ontario Association for Family Mediation.

Todd E. Slonim

B.A., LL.B., Acc. FM

Featured Area of Practice:  Mediation

Other Areas of Practice: Family Law


Todd Slonim is an established Toronto family mediator at Devry Smith Frank LLP. Todd brings a pragmatic and positive approach to family mediation. He promotes principled and effective negotiations to help focus the parties, narrow the issues, and develop meaningful and reliable settlements of their family law matters.

Todd provides a calm and comfortable environment that allows the parties to be creative and solution-based, giving them the space to develop an agreement that reflects their values and addresses the needs of their family.

Todd’s role as a family mediator means that he is neutral, independent, and impartial, giving each party confidence in the mediation process. His exclusive practice in the area of family law provides a strong foundation in the mediation process to help guide the parties through their settlement negotiations.

For further information and assistance regarding mediation, please contact Toronto family mediator Todd Slonim.


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Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Agreements & Prenuptial Agreeements

In this video, Toronto family lawyer Todd Slonim provides information on when you should consider seeking the advice of a family lawyer in regards to marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements during his interview at the Real Estate 101 Show.

What is a Case Conference in Family Law?

Normally in a case conference, there is usually a first meeting with the judge. In family law proceedings in Ontario, the first date for the judge is supposed to be a case conference which is an informal meeting among the parties, lawyers and a judge. The case conference can be held in the chambers, a meeting or an open court.


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