From: Hari Nesathurai and Albert Luk
To: Current and Prospective Clients of Nesathurai & Luk LLP

We have decided to join the law firm Devry Smith Frank LLP effective May 2012. DSF is an established law firm of 46 lawyers, located in Don Mills.

There are a number of reasons for our decision to associate with DSF. Our association with DSF will provide our clients with access to a broader range of legal services and expertise than we are currently able to offer. DSF offers a greater breadth and depth of services in those areas in which we currently practice:

  • Business/Corporate Services
  • Wills and Estates
  • Immigration
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Personal Tax Litigation
  • Business Tax Planning
  • Business Tax Litigation

DSF also provides expertise in many areas of law in which we do not currently practice, such as:

Most importantly, we want to ensure that our clients have ongoing access to legal services of the highest standards and quality at reasonable cost, and DSF upholds these same high standards and also provides timely and effective legal services at similarly reasonable cost.

You can reach us at the following co-ordinates:

Hari Nesathurai

Albert Luk

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