New Changes to the Federal Child Support Guidelines

January 6th, 2012 by

Effective December 31, 2011, the Federal Child Support Guideline Tables have changed. In many cases, the child support payments will increase. In others, the payments will decrease. How this affects you and the child support you pay or receive still depends on the province in which the support payor lives, the number of children, and the payor’s income.

The fact that the child support Tables have changed will have a corresponding effect on spousal support under the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines when using the “With Child Support” and “Custodial Payor” calculations.

You may visit to run a quick calculation to determine how the new child support Tables will affect the child support that is currently being paid. However, in many cases, including those that involve a self-employed payor, it may be beneficial to discuss the payor’s income on the amount of child support payable. The self-employed payor’s Line 150 income, as displayed on his or her income tax return, may not be appropriate to determine the amount of child support payable based on the Tables. One of our family lawyers will be able to assist you with this issue and with the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines calculations.

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