Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Marc G. Spivak
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EDUCATION: McGill University
ASSOCIATIONS: Law Society of Ontario, the Advocates Society, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, American Association for Justice, counsel and program director for the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto..

Marc G. Spivak

B.Comm., B.C.L., LL.B.

Featured Area of Practice:  Personal Injury


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Marc is managing partner of our personal injury group. He practices exclusively in the area of personal injury litigation, representing accident victims and disability claimants.

Marc graduated from McGill University with Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Civil Law and LL.B. degrees. He has been associated with Devry Smith Frank LLP since 1990. Since his call to the bar in 1992, Marc has appeared frequently before a number of courts and tribunals in Ontario. Marc also has extensive experience as counsel at mediations including mediations of accident benefits claims at the Financial Services Commission and at arbitrations.

Marc takes particular interest in providing his clients with individual attention. He has extensive experience in claims arising from car accidents including no-fault accident benefits claims, as well as slip or trip and falls, assaults, product liability, hazardous premises, occupier’s liability, sports injuries, dental malpractice, dog bites and health and disability claims.

Marc takes pride in his proactive approach to the prosecution of his clients’ claims. Marc’s team of highly trained law clerks, paralegals and legal assistants ensures that timely personal service is always available.

Marc is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Toronto Lawyers Association, the Advocates’ Society, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association of Justice, and is counsel for the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto.

Marc is a highly skilled personal injury lawyer with an extensive network of medical professionals and other experts that assist him in assessing and documenting his clients’ claims to ensure that his clients receive all benefits and compensation to which they are entitled.


Anwar Q.:
“Marc, I would like to THANK YOU for all the hard work you have put in during the past 30 months in fighting my son’s case. You have handled the case very professionally and notified me at every stage on the progress of the case. I am glad that the case is finally settled and quite satisfied with the result. Thank you once again.”

Jeffrey G.:
“I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Spivak for many years and he is by far one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in country. When he takes on a file, you can be assured, that you will not only receive incredible service, but the kind of service, that can only be described as sincere and genuine. Marc has always been dedicated at achieving the most for his clients and he does, with incredible settlements. I would personally recommend him to anyone looking for a great Personal Injury lawyer.”

News and Media

This year is due to bring in a host of new laws and rules that Canadian’s should be aware of, including new rules regarding distracted driving penalties for Canadian drivers. These new penalties for driving infractions include the following:

- Holding/using a cell phone while driving – this includes using a cell phone while driving the car and/or using a cell phone while stopped at a red light. This penalty accrues a 1st time fee of $1000.

- Not carrying a valid driving license - This penalty accrues a fee of $250.

- Driving through a red light - This penalty accrues a fee of $900.

- If a change of address is not carried out with MTO within 6 days - This penalty accrues a fee of $230.

- Driving through a red light - This penalty accrues a fee of $900.

- Crossing two solid yellow lines - This penalty accrues a fee of $500.

- Driving without valid insurance and causing an accident - This penalty accrues a fee of $5000 and the driver’s license is suspended for 5 years.

- If the tint is too dark on the glass of the vehicle - This penalty accrues a fee of $199.

- Driving too slow - This penalty accrues a fee of $399.

- If found to be speeding between 1km-15km over the speed limit - This penalty accrues a fee of $250.

- If found to be speeding between 16km-25km over the speed limit - This penalty accrues a fee of $450. - Failure to make a full stop at a stop sign - This penalty accrues a fee of $270.

- Failure to correctly wear a seatbelt - This penalty accrues a fee of $200.

- Overtaking a school bus - This penalty accrues a fee of $885.

- Parking in a bus lane/zone - This penalty accrues a fee of $900.

- Failure to turn on headlight 30 minutes before it becomes dark - This penalty accrues a fee of $200.

- Children not wearing seat belts or not in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act - This penalty accrues a fee of $599.

- Carpool lane violation - This penalty accrues a fee of $505.

The photo below is a bit cute, but with all of the road rage that goes on in the Toronto area, one wonders as a personal injury lawyer whether the testing standards of the Ministry of Transportation are sufficient? Driving is a privilege and not an inherent right. Driving a 2500 pound potential weapon requires physical practice and the ability to control oneself mentally/emotionally with high traffic, high density, extreme weather and some very poor drivers that make driving a nightmare for the majority of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists! Drive carefully- a message from your friendly neighborhood lawyer Marc Spivak 416-446-5855

Personal injury lawyer's trick. This simple trick prevents the police from ever giving you a speeding ticket again. 1. Look closely at the signs on the road that show you the speed limit. The number indicated is the maximum speed you can travel. Whether you’re on foot, bike or car. 2. Try to locate your car’s speedometer. You normally find it somewhere in front of the driver’s seat, on the dashboard. It has an arrow pointing to the number that reflects the car’s speed. On newer cars, the speed is sometimes displayed digitally, with numbers. 3. This last point is also the hardest. Adjust your speed according to the number shown on the road sign. The police can not fine you if you do not drive over this number.

The legalization of Cannabis has many pro’s and con’s. Certainly the possibility exists and has already been proven that there will be increased car accidents on the road. Imagine your Sunday sleep at 5 am being disrupted as an impaired driver smashes into your Newmarket house! A passenger with no seat belt- Cannabis loose in the car. The driver tries to escape and runs into your tree! It was a miracle that this happened before there were pedestrians to be killed. Driving impaired by cannabis is no different than alcohol and the possible jail time just as terrible- not to mention the cost of a criminal lawyer to help you navigate through the penal system. There are no excuses to getting behind a wheel after drinking or ingesting cannabis or any substance that will affect your ability to drive. This is coming from someone that has seen the worst of these situations over the last 28 years. If you or your loved one has been injured by an impaired driver call an experienced personal injury lawyer.

When the temperature is 7 degrees Celsius or colder for a few days it is time to switch over tires (usually beginning of November in Ontario). Insurance companies give drivers a price reduction for driving with winter tires. There is a perfectly good explanation for this. Winter tires work better in Ontario winters!
Forget about the cost of your deductible, the possible increased insurance premiums, and the time inconvenience of an accident. If you can stop quicker you, your family and someone and their family ahead of you will be SAFER!!
Winter tires may cost $1000 but over their approximate 4 year lifespan less the reduced insurance cost discount, you cannot afford not having winter tires on your car!
Ask me anything. Your friendly neighbourhood personal injury lawyer- Marc Spivak (416) 446-5885

Your friendly neighbourhood personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak on behalf of Devry Smith Frank LLP recently in collaboration with the Toronto Calcutta Association gave back vision to 211 people. An eye camp was held in Sonarpur, a town in West Bengal, India. 3 optometrists were paid to test the vision of people who desperately needed help with their vision problems that could not afford to help themselves. The eye camp with DSF funding was able to provide 150 pairs of glasses to allow these needy people to see. What can be more rewarding?
Devry Smith Frank LLP helping around the world!

Quick message from your friendly neighborhood Personal Injury lawyer Marc Spivak reminding us about the effects of cell phone use and driving. Drive defensively!

Personal Injury lawyer Marc Spivak enjoying warm weather on Sunday May 20, 2018 noticed a real danger on the City of Toronto sidewalk at Yonge Street and Castlefield. What appears to be a new construction of a light or sign base left on a busy sidewalk. One second of watching the roadway or ahead of you and a pedestrian can trip and be injured. The City of Toronto has been notified and anticipates that this will be corrected shortly. All taxpayers should not tolerate this negligent disregard by the City for pedestrians. Common sense should dictate here. If you or your loved one is seriously injured by City negligence or the negligence of a property owner, speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak and Tera Van Beilen Olympic medalist fundraising for Canadian amateur athletes for CAN Fund at Woods. Great cause and great food!

"More exceptions to our rules of the road that are complicated enough! I wonder how restaurants and parking lots and businesses feel about no vehicular traffic?" Thought of the day from personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak.

Vancouver driver with his ticket. Toronto drivers face serious fines for use of handheld devices. Don’t risk your life and someone else’s with texting/dialing and trying to drive! Take advice from personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak.

Photographer Daniel Spivak reporting to personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak on a serious collision in front of York Mills arena. A reminder that your life can change in a moment. Drive defensively!

A friendly reminder from personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak.

DSF’s personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak – a toast to Axl Rose and Slash. Music for those that work and play hard!

Internationally renowned artist Gabor Mezei* and fellow octogenarian DSF supporter Harry Lion sporting very fashionable DSF golf hats! *see 4 walls of Gabor's masterpieces in DSF's personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak's office

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer Marc Spivak and Devry Smith Frank LLP were happy to help sponsor through the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto former Attorney General of Ontario Michael Bryant who passionately spoke about addiction perception. The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto is an unique organization of mainly lawyers and doctors that work together in addressing common interests of two excellent professions. Marc Spivak has been involved with the MLST for many years on counsel and on the programming committee.

Warmer weather and bike season is here again. Parents/adult bike riders need to protect themselves and their families. Wear a helmet when bike riding. Remember when seatbelts became mandatory — everybody grumbled, but we now all accept that seatbelts save lives. Children need to wear helmets by law, but safety standards are such that every bike rider should be wearing a properly adjusted helmet every time they take their bike out. The laws will change regarding this, just like with seatbelts. As a personal injury lawyer, I have met with dozens of bicyclists that have told me that they usually wore a helmet but on this one occasion they forgot or were worried about how their hair would look post-helmet! Each of these cyclists all wish they never forgot a helmet. Don’t make the same mistake they did and certainly don’t let your significant other or children make that mistake. Once you ruin your hair for the day with a helmet, make sure it is properly fitted for your head. A friendly reminder from your Toronto personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak.

Stay calm and call your personal injury lawyer!

Toronto personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak of DSF enjoying the Raptors win with Theresa Tosh March 13, 2017.

DSF lawyers at the Barrie Office Open House (left to right): George Frank, Eric Taves, Marc Spivak, David White.

DSF personal injury lawyer Marc Spivak suggests you share with your children and those you love this tidbit about safe driving.

DSF & Amateur Sports

DSF partner Marc Spivak enjoying amateur hockey in Scarborough. Devry Smith Frank LLP is a proud sponsor of amateur sports throughout Ontario.

Marc Spivak, James Satin, and Larry Keown of Devry Smith Frank LLP and Opposition Leader Patrick Brown of the PC Party recently in conversation regarding future business growth for Ontario.

Brain Injury Society of Toronto

DSF’s Marc Spivak fundraising at the Brain Injury Society of Toronto and Ontario Brain Injury Society Mix and Mingle at the Steam Whistle.

Toronto Art Battle Fundraiser for Sick Kids - May 11, 2016

Marc Spivak represented DSF at the Collaborative Practice Toronto Art Battle Fundraiser for Sick Kids, which DSF was a Silver Sponsor for.

Generation Axe - May 4, 2016

DSF rocks at Generation Axe with 5 of the world's leading guitarists

Wilderness Training - March 5, 2016

Marc Spivak representing DSF at Wilderness Training Institute. Our lawyers turn over every stone and leave nothing to chance!

TD Waterhouse Fundraiser - February 3, 2016

Marc Spivak and TD Waterhouse fundraising at Mark Wilson’s house.

Autism Fundraiser

Recent fundraiser for Autism with Marc Spivak of DSF and friends.

My Canada

Marc Spivak personal injury lawyer of Toronto and his firm Devry Smith Frank LLP’s My Canada includes attending at fundraisers and raising money to assist those that need it most. Recently, Marc participated in fundraising for two great causes –the Brain Injury Society of Toronto and the Ontario Brain Injury Association. Marc met with hundreds of medical practitioners and support workers of those that need help the most. The Steam Whistle Brewery was a great venue and the warm weather somehow helped sell beer all night long- all for a great cause!

Medico-Legal Society of Toronto Gala

DSF’s Personal Injury Lawyer Marc Spivak and licenced paralegals Dejan Ristic and Carlos Ortiz at Medico-Legal Society of Toronto Gala at Arcadian Court. Doctors and hospital administrators and our personal Injury team socializing. Marc has recently been featured on regarding Gardiner-related lawsuits. Read the full article here: Gardiner-related lawsuits could cost Toronto taxpayers millions: lawyer

Medico-Legal Society of Toronto Gala - November 26, 2015

Marc Spivak, the managing partner of the Personal Injury Group of DSF, with paralegal Carlos Ortiz at the Medico Legal Society of Toronto’s Gala at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

Fundraising for Canadian Athletes

DSF Lawyer Marc Spivak attended a recent charity event, fund raising for Canadian athletes. Here he is with figure skating medalists Dylan Moscovitch and Lubov Ilyushechkina.


Feb 21, 2018 – Don’t be Catatonic, the annual Catastrophic Impairment seminar of the Medico Legal Society of Toronto with participation by Marc and his group of lawyers, paralegals and clerks.

December 12, 2017 – Ensuring Access to your Law office and Services for people with Disabilities.

Nov 6, 2017 – DSF Human Resource/Employment Seminar

Nov 2, 2017 – The Use of Excel in a Personal Injury Practice

November 1, 2017 – DSF Annual Professionalism Seminar- Reporting, Drafting and Opinions.

October 2, 2017 – DSF Client Service and Practice Standards Seminar.

February 1, 2017 – Marc and his team participated in the Medico Legal Society of Toronto’s annual Catastrophic Cases seminar.

January 25, 2017 – Marc and his team participated in a lunch and learn regarding Rehabilitation and The Occupational Therapists that make it happen.

January 10, 2017 – DSF Professional Development seminar with Frank Shostack.

November 9, 2016 – Effective Legal Writing and The Dos and Don’t of Creating Successful Working Relationships presented by DSF lawyers.

June 22, 2016 – Skill Presentation presented by DSF lawyers.

June 1, 2016 – Structured Settlements to Protect Victims by Structured Settlements Group Inc.

May 31, 2016 – Catastrophic Injury Designation Guidelines seminar by DSF team.

May 18, 2016- Medico Legal Society of Toronto presentation by Dr. Peter Pisters, President and CEO, University Health Network re reducing medical harm.

April 11, 2016 –The Lawyer’s Association presentation of Getting Primed for Mediation success. Preparation and presentation has always been key for a successful mediation.

March 23, 2016- Medico Legal Society of Toronto conference from Minimum Injury Guidelines to the Draft of Common Traffic Impairment guideline. A panel discussion of the continuous decline of recoveries from car accidents.

On February 24, 2016 Marc and his team participated in the Medico Legal Society of Toronto’s Kitty/Cat program regarding catastrophic injuries and the new changes reducing victims’ benefits in Ontario.

December 17, 2015 - DSF Professionalism Seminar dealing with civility in litigation; ethics of acting for those lacking capacity, marketing professional services, ethics of disclosure of information, expert opinions, communicating and dealing with clients from different cultural backgrounds.

November 12, 2015 - Investigative Research for Litigators a Law Society webinar dealing with finding information regarding clients, defendants and witnesses using various searches.

September 30, 2015 - A 'Pot Pourri' of Medico-Legal Cases – Medico-Legal Society of Toronto program presenting topics and cases of significance to medico-legal professionals.

May 27, 2015 - Toronto Vital Signs a presentation by the CEO of Toronto Foundation Rahul Bhardwaj.

May 27, 2015 - Use of social media in personal injury litigation a DSF program regarding finding out information regarding clients, defendants and witnesses through Facebook and LinkedIn.

February 4, 2015 - CAT...aclysmic –Medico-Legal Society of Toronto seminar dealing with multiple issues regarding Catastrophic personal injury cases.

Marc is also involved in weekly meetings with physician and rehabilitation groups in the form of lunch and learns and seminars dealing with personal injury and disability matters.

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