Real Estate Law Group
at Devry Smith Frank LLP

Buying, Selling or Refinancing Real Estate?

We provide a complete range of real estate services to assist our clients in buying and selling residential, recreational, rural, commercial, investment, condominium and co-operative properties, and with mortgages and refinancing.

You have many options when choosing legal advice for your real estate property. There are many firms that promise quick results at budget prices. But when it comes time to trust the important details of your real estate investment to someone, using an expert is always recommended. Finding out later that you don’t have proper title to your home or that your title has a defect can be devastating.

At Devry Smith Frank LLP dealing directly with a Residential Real Estate lawyer is a right.

The lawyer assigned to you will always be available to respond to your questions in a timely fashion. We also have sophisticated and experienced Commercial Real Estate group as well as their clerks and support staff.

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