Retailers, Beware of the New Employment Standards Blitz

October 21st, 2013 by

This blog is written by Meghan Ferguson.

employment_standards_torontoThe Ontario Ministry of Labour has launched province-wide employment standards inspections of retailers. From October to December 2013, employment standards officers will be doing random inspections of retail operations such as grocery stores, gas stations and shopping malls.

Officers will be asking questions and reviewing documents to ensure retail operations are compliant with the Employment Standards Act (ESA) including public holiday pay, overtime pay, hours of work, and vacation pay.  If a violation of the ESA is found, employers may face orders, fines or other monetary penalties.

Common pitfalls for retailers are the failure to properly record hours of work, rounding hours and not paying overtime to supervisors who are not exempt from the overtime provisions.

How ESA compliant are your operations? Have you done an ESA audit recently? Contact Meghan Ferguson or your DSF employment lawyer for information on the employment standards, Ministry of Labour audits and advice on compliance with the ESA.



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