Court Finds Authority to Rule Ontario Resident’s Forg …

September 15th, 2015

By Michelle Stephenson In Grillo Estate v. Grillo,  an application to challenge the validity of a will turned on the Ontario court’s jurisdiction over a handwritten will made in Italy. The testator, Domenico Grillo, was an Ontario resident who was in poor health and died during one of his frequent trips to Italy. Shortly before […]

Unborn Son and Mother Qualify as Dependents for SLRA Su …

August 28th, 2015

By Michelle Stephenson In Dagg v. Cameron, Evangeline Dagg gave birth to a son shortly after his father’s death, and made an application for support under the Succession Law Reform Act (the “SLRA”) for both herself and her son. This application was opposed by the deceased’s ex-wife, who argued that Dagg was not a “dependant” […]

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