Temporary Layoffs & Employment Law for Toronto Employers Carrie Kennedy is a Toronto employment lawyer with Devry Smith Frank LLP and in this video talks to HR professionals about temporary layoffs and employment law. While less than 13 weeks is generally considered temporary layoff, there are other factors that come into play. She provides an […]

Ira Marcovitch, Summer Law Student Is an employee obligated to return to work after having been constructively dismissed in order to mitigate their losses? In its recent decision of Farwell v. Citair, the Ontario Court of Appeal replied no, not always. In fact, the Court held that such an obligation to mitigate only arises if […]

Watch as Larry Keown discusses the do’s and don’ts of handling for-cause terminations and meetings at our previous Human Resources and Employment Seminar.

If you have been terminated, losing your job can be stressful. Your job is not only a means of financial support, it is also a significant part of your daily life. A job gives a person a sense of self-worth. Before finalizing the end of an employment relationship, for better or for worse, there are a […]

This blog is written by our summer student, Michelle Stephenson. An employer who withheld a recently fired employee’s last week’s pay, vacation pay, and Record of Employment, has been ordered to pay punitive damages by the Ontario Superior Court. Despite the employer’s initial claim that he had withheld the pay and ROE due to money […]

This blog is written by our summer student, Ira Marcovitch. In the recent decision of Wilson v. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., the Federal Court has confirmed that companies subject to the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”) can dismiss non-unionized employees without cause. Given the number of these employees that work in federally regulated areas […]

This blog is written by our articling student, William Caven People are often surprised to find out that employers do NOT have an automatic right to fire someone or terminate employees with addictions if they suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Under what caselaw refers to as the “duty to accommodate,” once an […]

This blog post was written by employment lawyer, Carrie Kennedy in response to the question: “Can employers terminate the employment of an employee while that employee is on pregnancy leave, parental leave, or any other type of leave?” Of course they can. However, doing so may be a costly decision. The Employment Standards Act, 2000 […]

What Breach Of Trust In An Employment Relationship Is Too Small To Justify Dismissal? Employee of 36 years dismissed after stealing a pack of cigarettes, discharge upheld at arbitration. By: Michelle Stephenson, our law summer student A pack of cigarettes may not be too small a cause for termination, according to a Manitoba arbitrator. The […]

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