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Tax Planning

Tax laws are extremely complex and constantly changing. In order to reduce your tax burden and prevent your assets from being eroded or eliminated by excessive taxes you will need a tax plan conceived and implemented by an experienced tax lawyer. At Devry Smith Frank LLP we provide tax planning services for individuals, estates and businesses.

Our Areas of Expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Tax Law
  • Tax Planning for Individuals, Estates and Businesses
  • Business Organization
  • Corporate Tax Structures
  • Structuring of Stock Incentive Plans
  • Individual and Corporate Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Advice and Counsel on Tax Problems and Issues
  • Minimization of Federal, Provincial and Estate taxes
  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Real Estate Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cross-border Tax Issues

Why hire DSF?

Tax PlanningEveryone needs a solid tax plan in place – individuals, estates and businesses. We can help you to avoid potential problems while reducing your tax burden and preserving your wealth. Our tax lawyers will advise and help you to select the strategies that make the most sense for your particular situation. Your tax plan is not static; it is dynamic. If and when your situation changes, we will adjust your tax plan accordingly. Be proactive and contact one of our tax lawyers before you encounter a problem with the tax man. Contact a Devry Smith Frank LLP tax lawyer for your tax planning needs.

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For more details or information on Tax Planning Services for Individuals, Estates and Businesses or any tax law matters, kindly contact one of our Toronto tax lawyers directly.