York Region Collaborative Family Law Practice

July 16th, 2015 by Daniel Stone

York Region Collaborative Family Law Practice



Introducing the York Region Collaborative Family Law Practice

Devry Smith Frank (DSF) Family Lawyer John Schuman is also a “Collaborative Lawyer”. That means that he is trained in another very effective process for resolving issues arising from a marriage breakdown and negotiating a Separation Agreement. That process is called “Collaborative Practice.”

Collaborative Law: It’s about Respect; Its about Integrity, It’s about your Family.

Collaborative Family Law is a Less Adversarial Way to Divorce. The York Collaborative Practice is a group of Lawyers, Financial Professionals and mental health practitioners practicing a refreshing newer approach to resolving divorce cases we felt the emotional cost of going court.

Collaborative practice involves separating couples working together, as a team, along with our trained professionals to resolve disputes a fair and respectful manner.

We offer a supportive approach during a bumpy parts of the divorce process, finding ways to manage the wide range of challenges you may be facing and establishing plans for the future are part of the Collaborative Practice process.

The collaborative process is often the better way for children, rather than fighting, parties involved commit to working together, thereby encouraging a more positive future relationship and environment in which to raise children.

It is our hope that your family will be led to a compassionate ending of a difficult transition, with a view to healthy new beginning, by keeping the lines of communications open, agreements are more likely to be reached amicably and with dignity. Mutual respect is the basis of the collaborative practice model and discussions are likely to be more productive, resulting in an agreement being reached more easily. Most importantly, this process is designed to protect the interests of your children and to help you and your status move on towards new lives.

Collaborative divorce a different way to separate and a win-win solution to achieving quality settlement for you and your family. Contact the York Region Collaborative Practice today.

Respectful Resolution to Separations and Divorces. Watch the video for additional information.

To view other Ontario Family law videos regarding resolving issues arising from a marriage breakdown and negotiating a Separation Agreements and/or other practice areas, please visit our media page at http://www.devrylaw.ca/media-page/


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