Toronto Family Lawyer John Schuman Talks About Child Custody

July 15th, 2015 by John Schuman

Toronto Family Lawyer John Schuman Talks About Child Custody

Toronto Family Lawyer John Schuman Talks About Child Custody

In this video interview, family lawyer and certified specialist John Schuman discusses what you should know about child custody and how the courts view cases in this episode of “To Your Success TV” with host Ken Wells.

John explains the term “Custody” and what it means in Ontario Courts as it is often misinterpreted. The term custody refers to who makes the really big decisions for a child or children such as healthcare, education, religion and other large decisions. Unlike the day to day decisions which are left with the parent caring for the child unless there is an agreement or order otherwise..

Often when we refer to different types of custody, we are referring mostly to who makes the decisions, which may or may not related to where the child lives most of the time.
When we talk about where a child lives, its more popular to talk about “parenting time” however you can also hear terms like “primary residence”, “secondary residence” and “access”.

John also explains the difference between sole custody and joint custody and reviews the various parenting arrangements.

In Sole Custody one person has the final say on the big decisions, preferably after consulting the other parent. A child can still spend lots of time with both parents, even equal time, when there is “sole custody” because that relates to decision making.
In Joint Custody parents have to make the decisions together. But not always when there is lots of conflict.
He also discusses the factors that come into play to suggest what type of court order or parenting order a court might take.

Lastly he covers what a parent can do to improve the courts perception of them as a parent and increase the likelihood of the court deciding in conjunction with their wishes.

For more information, please watch the video.

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