How Much Time Would a Judge Grant Me?

June 4th, 2014 by John Schuman

Do you know how much time a judge will give you when you want to see your child and you don’t have joint custody? Parenting cases are very popular among our blogs and here is another one. Let us know what you think. John Schuman has an answer. Read more…

Toronto Family Law lawyer, John Schuman, was asked this question just recently: “My ex girlfriend and her parents are not allowing me to have my son outside of their house and are only allowing me in the house four hours a day to see him. I would like to have joint custody of my son and have him every other weekend and twice a week. How much time would a judge or what would a judge grant me?”

Here is John’s answer:

All cases about the parenting of a child are decided based on the “best interests” of the particular child.  So, whether your request is appropriate depends on your child’s specific circumstances. You really should speak to a family law lawyer about the details of your case.  Nothing in your request sounds unusual for a school-aged child.

If you want to know more about how judges decide parenting cases, including the specific factors they consider, you should listen to this podcast or you can read this page about how judges decide parenting cases and this one about what “child custody” means.

In all cases, judges want to see that separated parents are taking the right approach to parenting their children and that they are putting their child first.  This podcast explains a lot about how to put your children first and be the best parent after a separation.

How Much Time Would A Judge Grant To Me?

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