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If you have been terminated, losing your job can be stressful. Your job is not only a means of financial support, it is also a significant part of your daily life. A job gives a person a sense of self-worth. Before finalizing the end of an employment relationship, for better or for worse, there are a few things to consider after you face termination before turning to an employment lawyer:

(1)   Review the termination letter carefully
Is the termination for cause (i.e. theft or alleged wrongdoing) or with notice/pay?  Is the severance package fair given the employee’s contract of employment (if any), years of service, position and availability of similar employment?

(2)   Be careful what you sign
Many employers request a signed release from an employee.  Before you sign anything you should ensure your severance package is fair.

(3)   Last minute restrictions on employment
Some employers try to put in the termination letter restrictions like non-competition clauses that are overly broad. Such restrictions may be unfair.  The restrictions can impact you finding another job in your industry.

(4)   Benefit continuation
In Ontario, employers that terminate an employee with notice or pay are obligated to continue benefits for at least the statutory notice period.  The loss of benefits can have a significant impact on an employee.

(5)   Request a letter of reference
An employee should request a letter of reference and contact information for any reference checks from future employers.  Don’t wait until you have a job offer to know what your previous employer is prepared to say about you.

If you have just been terminated and would like more information about your rights upon termination of employment or if you are an employer that wants to ensure proper compliance before terminating an employee, please contact Meghan Ferguson, Marty Rabinovitch or your DSF Employment Lawyer.

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